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Alkanjaoi Tours and Safaris Limited Company is a reputable safari company and tour operator with headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Through regional representative agencies, the company provides a variety of specialized and unique travel services, including road and air safaris, photographic wildlife safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, beach vacations in Zanzibar, Pemba, and Mafia Island, and safaris in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

In addition, we provide romantic honeymoon packages as well as other unforgettable journeys around East Africa. Peter John Mapinda Tanzanian natives with years of expertise leading safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, own and operate Alkanjaoi Tour and Safari Ltd.

Since its founding, Alkanjaoi Tours and Safaris Limited Company has established a reputation as a name synonymous with excellence and dependability, setting the bar for anyone looking to travel in complete independence while still having access to discreet, ongoing support. The Tanzania Association of Tour Operators now counts Alkanjaoi Tours and Safaris Limited Company as one of its members (TATO). 

The Alkanjaoi Tours and Safaris Limited Company can offer packages that are distinguished by the sites’ fascination, the accommodations’ luxury, and the level of service provided with the widest selection of locations: a true collection, meticulously planned and full of opportunities.

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Why choose us?


Create teams that are informed, accountable, and proud to be connected with a firm that values them as a key component of it.


Set ourselves apart from competitors via our ingenuity, passion, and originality.

Excellent Service

Every customer receives outstanding treatment from us, resulting in a memorable trip. 

You will be astounded by both old and new tales based on culture, wildlife encounters, and history while on safari with us.

Honest prices

We provide the most affordable tour rates and a broad range of travel options that will appeal to even the most ardent travelers.

Efficient safari guide

The top tour guides in the business are on hand to cater to your needs at all times. 

They are quick and passionate to spread breaking news from their nation. 

In addition to being a wonderful company, our guides are also amiable and serve as the public face of our business.


To establish long-lasting connections with our customers and the sector’s service suppliers.

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