Dar es salaam City Tour


Explore the vibrant metropolis of Dar es Salaam for the entire day. This sleepy fishing village, affectionately referred to as “Dar,” has transformed into a flourishing metropolis. Your interpretative, privately guided tour will take you to the city’s major sights, including the bustling Dar es Salaam fish market, where dhows dock early in the morning to unload the previous night’s delectable catch. 

At dusk, groups of Dar es Salaam street food carts that specialize in delectable Indian food emerge from the smoky, spicy India Street, where the flavors of the East are a feast for the senses. The ingredients for a tempting Indian street food snack are bright red tomatoes, raw onions, green chilies, and fresh coriander. A Zanzibar Mix, a Tanzanian bowl of curry soup with a strong Indian influence, is a must-have. It comes with a ton of mouthwatering toppings.

View the magnificent St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the old Central Railway Station. 

Explore a classic souk (bazaar), which is bustling with people day and night. You can discover almost everything in this exhilarating and kaleidoscopic jumble of brilliant colors, complex textiles, regional cuisine, and hand-adorned trinkets.

A stunning selection of traditional African sculptures and crafts can be found at the Mwenge Carver’s Market before visiting the National Museum and the outdoor Village Museum.

Swahili, colonial, and Asian influences are all present in Tanzania’s architecture, but most of it is now obscured by shiny, imposing high-rises. Dar es Salaam is a fantastic location to explore, offering a diverse ethnic mix, fantastic craft markets, excellent restaurants, and adjacent stunning golden beaches and verdant islands.