Nyerere National park


Nyerere National Park, with an area of 30, 893 square kilometers, is Tanzania’s largest national park, previously known as Selous game reserve, the park is one of the continent’s favorite places to see wildlife. One of the most picturesque places to see animals is Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve; the park is breathtakingly lovely. Boating, strolling, and fly camping are available in addition to the standard game driving in thriving wildlife regions, which provides a great safari experience that matches the grandeur of the park. This is an extremely good safari park and must be included on any itinerary for the southern circuit.

Due to its accessibility and low tourist traffic, the park is an excellent safari destination for both African honeymoons and family safaris. The park offers the most diverse selection of safari activities in the nation, including boating safaris in addition to common game drives, walking safaris, and storied fly-camping excursions.

A network of canals and lagoons that branch from the Rufiji River can be found in the northern part of the park. The region’s wildlife has access to this lush environment’s water supply, and as the dry season draws to a close, the animal population surrounding these water sources increases dramatically. The majority of the campgrounds are located here, along the rivers and lakes, successfully utilizing the animals’ need for water to give game-watching opportunities. From July to the middle of November, when the dry season is in full swing and all the game is concentrating on the few permanent water sources, is when Nyerere is at its busiest. 

Statistics that put most African parks to shame show the incredible amount of games in the park. There are ‘arguably’ no places on Earth where elephants, buffalo, and lions may be found in higher numbers all year long. But what pulls the enthusiasts is Nyerere National Park’s reputation as the last genuine refuge for African wild dogs.

Best Time to Visit – Nyerere NP (Selous)

Wildlife viewing in Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous GR) is best from late June to October. It is the Dry season and wildlife is easier to spot since animals gather at water sources and vegetation is thinner. The scenery is lush and green in the Wet season, from October to May, but afternoons can be unbearably hot. Many lodges close from March through May.