Chemka Hot spring


The lone oasis in the Tanzanian savannah is Chemka Hot Springs, also known as Kikuletwa Hot Springs. 

It is a singular phenomenon. Here, groundwater and geothermal sources actively combine to create a small number of lakes with warm water that is never stagnant. It is the ideal location for unwinding after a long day. Green woodlands with chirping birds and monkey cries surround this Chemka Hot Springs. Book with us for this experiences 

This location is ideal for a day excursion, and the warm turquoise water invites you to swim and explore. You may also relax in your own private springs. Take in the sound of the birds overhead and the water lapping. 

The rope swings are another fun activity. But you really need a swimsuit. Visit the Rundugai hamlet, where food is made by local ladies and you also have the opportunity to learn about their culture, to soak in the geo-thermal waters of hot springs followed by a picnic lunch. You can also sample the native Tanzanian cuisine.

Your guide will drive you back to Arusha/Moshi following all of the excursions and memorable experiences.